Eight adults, none working

The Herald reports:

A state house with 19 people living in it has been identified as one of the homes receiving more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded benefits each year.

The Housing New Zealand property in Manukau houses 11 children and eight adults, according to a spreadsheet of the top 50 households which receive the most social payments.

The weekly rent is $87 and collectively the household is getting $2499 in benefits each week – or $132 for each individual – adding up to nearly $130,000 each year.

$2,500 a week in the hand is equal to almost $3,500 gross or $180,000 annualised.

No wonder none of the eight adults have decided to get a job. With an unemployment rate of under 7%, the chances all eight are unable to find a job is miniscule – 0.00000006%.

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