Where else?

NBR reports:

Party deputy leader Grant Robertson has moved to try and reassure financial markets that its sudden lurch to favour central planning in the electricity industry is one-off.

In a statement attacking Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, Mr Robertson says: “Labour makes no apology for stepping in to fix problems in the electricity sector. But this is not a signal that Labour is going to intervene elsewhere in the economy.

“As we said on the day we launched NZ Power, we have no plans to intervene in any other markets.”

How stupid do they take us for?

Labour has already indicated significant interventions in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Insurance
  • Farming
  • Forestry
  • Building
  • Land

They and the Greens often go on about food prices also, and the Greens have lots and lots of ideas about food regulation.

It would be easier to draw up a list of markets where Labour and Greens definitely will not intervene. It would be a very short list.

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