Bad terrorist – didn’t file his expense claims

Stuff reports:

Who knew terrorists had to fill out expense reports?

According to a letter obtained by Associated Press, al Qaeda was beset by the kind of managerial problems that afflict companies around the world.

Al Qaeda chiefs required lower-level terrorists to attend meetings on time, return phone calls promptly, follow orders, fill out expense reports properly and not bitch about managers in public.

Who knew that even terrorist groups, had bureaucracies?

The 10-page letter lays out in embarrassing detail the problems al Qaeda chiefs were having managing a particularly difficult terrorist in the group’s North African division.

Moktar Belmoktar, an Algerian-born terrorist in his 40s, clashed with his superiors on numerous occasions, mostly over procedural matters.

I wonder if he obliged to file a strategic plan, listing the desired outcomes, his planned outputs and necessary inputs?

The letter criticises Belmoktar for accepting a less-than-impressive 700,000 euros in ransom for Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler in 2008, when the going rate was $US3 million.

He also broke union rules!

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