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Stuff reports:

The hospitality industry says it struggles to find skilled staff because weak margins prevent it from paying high wages.

But a union group says hospitality is one of the lowest paid sectors around, and bosses should look in the mirror.

Wellington chef Martin Bosley had two new staff fail to turn up at his namesake Oriental Parade restaurant on Sunday night, one of its busiest dinner services.

He vented his frustration on his Facebook and Twitter pages: “I’m fed up putting time, [money and] effort into training new staff only for them to no show. Unemployment? Can’t be f….. working more like,” he wrote.

Bosley told The Dominion Post training one new waiter took several hundred dollars, including about $170 for an advertisement on Trade Me and staff time to interview them and show them the ropes.

“We rang and rang but there was no answer, no courtesy call saying they can’t work or don’t want the job.

“It is completely hopeless. They just don’t take it seriously.”

I could have sworn we have very high levels of youth unemployment. Surely not?

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