The 2013 Trans-Tasman Departments Report

Trans-Tasman have published their 2013 report on Government Departments. A panel of 18 people (note I am one of them) rate the various agencies on different criteria, plus there is lengthy commentary on the challenges, budgets and work plans for each agency.

The five agencies who scored top overall marks were:

  1. Reserve Bank 5.07 (on a 1 to 7 scale)
  2. Inland Revenue 5.00
  3. Stats NZ 4.88
  4. Dept of Corrections 4.87
  5. Dept of Conservation 4.81

The overall pick as agency of the year was the Department of Corrections. It’s gone from always being in the news for the wrong reasons, to making significant progress on reducing re-offending rates,

There was a new category this year on the ability to implement the Minister’s policy agenda. The top five there are:

  1. Reserve Bank (English)
  2. Treasury (English)
  3. Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (Joyce)
  4. Ministry of Health (Ryall)
  5. NZ Police (Tolley)

The top five ranked CEOs were:

  1. Dept of Conservation (Al Morrison)
  2. Dept of Corrections (Ray Smith)
  3. Reserve Bank (Graeme Wheeler)
  4. Stats NZ (Geoff Bascand)
  5. Ministry of Business, Innovation, Employment (David Smol)

The overall pick for CEO of the Year was for overseeing the merger of several ministries into the new super-ministry with few problems.

The Dom Post has an article on the report also.

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