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There has been much reporting on how the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald was held by authorities at the airport for nine hours. It seemed outrageous that he would be detained just on the basis of who his partner was. It seemed extreme harassment.

But Unfashionista gives the other side of the story, which has been passed over by most media reports:

Glenn Greenwald admitted to the New York Times that David Miranda had been carrying, as a mule, stolen, encrypted thumb drives actually containing intelligence data that Snowden stole from the CIA – and those encrypted drives were confiscated.
Remember, Greenwald knew this all along. He knew his husband was not only a journalist but much more to the point, he was carrying top secret, encrypted drives with stolen intelligence information on them – information not just about the NSA but about UK and US intelligence action against foreign powers. Yet he was so quick to lie and viciously slander our security services, saying they targeted his husband only to intimidate him, Greenwald. He always knew Miranda was transporting top secret encrypted files Snowden stole.
Those documents, which were stored on encrypted thumb drives, were confiscated by airport security, Mr. Greenwald said. All of the documents came from the trove of materials provided to the two journalists by Mr. Snowden.
So he wasn’t targeted because of who his partner was, he was targeted because he had encrypted drives of stolen classified material on him. That is hugely relevant information that only came to light much too late in the piece.
It also seems they lied about him being not offered a lawyer:

And you can’t deny them a lawyer, as Greenwald said the airport police did:

The official – who refused to give his name but would only identify himself by his number: 203654 – said David was not allowed to have a lawyer present, nor would they allow me to talk to him.

 Except, giving an interview to the Guardian just before 10pm and after all the UK papers had gone to bed (so they couldn’t report this) David Miranda confirmed he had been offered a lawyer:
He was offered a lawyer and a cup of water, but he refused both because he did not trust the authorities.
Right. Now let’s pause for a moment and talk about lies of omission. All day long, both the Guardian newspaper and Glenn Greenberg had known that David Miranda was offered a lawyer by airport security. Yet all day long they had allowed the falsehood to be tweeted and written about that Miranda was detained without being offered a lawyer.
Pretty shocking. Pretty untransparent, that, from self-appointed truth seekers.
When journalists lie, they give up any moral high ground they have – no matter how deeply they feel about a cause.
It is worth reading the full article. The author originally was a huge fan of Glenn Greenwald and said he should get a Pulitizer, but has changed his mind over recent months.

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