Webster apologises to Mitchell

Stuff reports:

Auckland City Councillor Penny Webster has issued a public apology to National MP Mark Mitchell for embroiling him in the Len Brown scandal.

In a statement, Webster said she regretted comments by Mitchell about “skeletons” in Mayor Len Brown’s closet had been used “for political cheap shots” and character assassination.

It was revealed last week Brown’s camp were alerted to a sex scandal by comments made by Mitchell to Webster.

“I have decided to make a public statement to set the record straight when I saw him having to defend attacks on his integrity and character by Labour MPs in the Parliamentary debating chamber last night,” Webster said.

“The comment Mark made to me should never have been used for political cheap shots or a character assassination.

”It was not made at a cocktail party or as part of idle gossip. I was in a business meeting with Mark over and council matters when our conversation turned to elections and the mayoral campaign. Mark made a passing comment, something like ‘scuttlebutt floating around for a while about the mayor having a skeleton in his closet. If there is a skeleton I that his wife and children know because families are always the victims in these sort of things’.”

Webster said she laughed, and said she was sure it wasn’t correct and Mitchell agreed with her.

“It was a generic conversation between him and I, and I deeply regret using his name in a later conversation with the mayor’s chief of staff.”

And Len Brown’s ratepayer funded spin doctors have been using it to try and divert media attention from the Mayor’s actions.

The Mayor still seems to think there is nothing wrong with providing a reference to a woman you are trying to bed, to help her get a job with a Council Controlled Organisation.

Talking of Len’s ratepayer funded spin doctors, Michelle Hewitson interviews David Lewis:

You did have to ask if there were going to be any further, um, troubles. So, are there any more girls? “No. Not that I’m aware of.” Has he asked? “Yes, I have.” And he said no? “Yes.” And he believes him? “Yes.” Well, he has to, doesn’t he? “Yeah.”

So that is an on the record denial via Lewis.

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