Labour’s secret candidates

blogs at The Daily Blog:

I was a little surprised to hear that over the past few weeks has selected a number of candidates.

Not surprised that the candidates have been selected, early selections are fine, but surprised that I’d heard virtually nothing about them in any media that I pay attention to or in any communication from the Party.

I knew that Kieran McAnulty was standing in the Wairarapa last Sunday but I had to ring him up to find out how he did.

I’ve been online to discover what else has been happening and I’m happy to let the rest of NZ know the results, to the best of my knowledge, and where I found them:

Otaki (contested) – Robb McCann – Party press release on Scoop

Rangitikei (contested) – Dr Deborah Russell – Party press release on Kiwiblog

Whanganui (uncontested) – Hamish McDouall – Hamish posted on Facebook & Wanganui Chronicle

Wairarapa (contested) – Kieran McNulty – Kieran told the Wairarapa Times Age

Clutha Southland (uncontested) – Elizabeth Craig – Home Paddock

Waitaki (uncontested) – Glenda Alexander – Stuff via Southland Times

Te Tai Hauauru (uncontested) – Adrian Rurawhe – Wanganui Chronicle

 Quite amusing that two of the sources are centre-right blogs. But that is Jenny’s point:

And just in case you’re wondering if I missed the bleeding obvious, there’s no mention of any candidate selections on Labour’s website and, it almost goes without saying, Labour’s Facebook page is hopeless.

I don’t know if Labour’s official site is paid for by Parliamentary Services, the Party or a combination of the two.  If it’s the former then, if my knowledge of electoral finance law is correct, party campaigns are a no go. If it’s the latter then why not have a space on the website for Party business? Oh wait, I just looked again, and they do, it took me four clicks to find it and it’s under Contact the Party/Resources but its policy papers, membership forms, the constitution etc.

I may be wrong but it seems to me that Labour won’t have a place online where people can find out about candidates and campaigning until it changes its existing website or launches a campaign website.

Please let it be soon.

A party website should make it very easy for people to find out who their candidates are.


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