Top 10 NZ films

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Stories of murder, domestic violence, revenge and kidnapping have been named the best New Zealand movies ever made.

Online film industry showcase, NZ On Screen, has compiled a list of what it considers the 10 best New Zealand films of all time.

The 10 films, made between 1981 and 2010, range from the grim, but powerful Once Were Warriors to murder taleHeavenly Creatures. Even the two comedies on the list, Boy andGoodbye Pork Pie, have dark undertones of alienation, poverty and abuse.

content director Irene Gardiner said the 10 films “are all quite dark”.

“I fear that this 10 would tell people that we are dark. Hopefully, it would also tell people that we are good at making films on not very enormous budgets.

The 10 are:

  1. Goodbye Pork Pie
  2. Smash Palace
  3. Utu
  4. Vigil
  5. The Piano
  6. Heavenly Creatures
  7. Once Were Warriors
  8. Whale Rider
  9. In My Father’s Den
  10. Boy

Seen nine of those. I did and do love Goodbye Pork Pie. Boy was excellent also.

Films that just missed out on being included in the 10 were given “honourable mentions”. Those films are Don’t Let it Get You, Death Warmed Up, Footrot Flats, The World’s Fastest Indian, Came a Hot Friday, Rain, The Quiet Earth, Sleeping Dogs, Ngati, and Illustrious Energy.

Sleeping Dogs was also excellent.

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