Why dictators shouldn’t drink!

The Herald reported:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was reportedly “very drunk” when he gave the order that a pair of aides close to his executed uncle should be killed.

The North Korean dictator ordered troops to round-up hundreds of relatives and associates of Jang Song-Thaek, who was shot On December 12 after being accused of plotting to overthrow the government.

The leader ordered the executions after they did not hand business to the military – a move which left the dictator ‘upset’, according to reports in the Japanese media.

The aides have been named as Ri Ryong-ha, the first deputy director of the administrative department of the state’s ruling Workers’ Party, and Jang Su-gil, a deputy director in the same department.

The pair are believed to have joined the grim toll of Jang’s aides – eight are believed to have been executed since the purge, Yomiuri Shimbun added.

I recall Gareth Morgan saying:

“The country is beautiful,” Gareth said. “The country is just fantastic, the farms are perfect. They have no pollution.”

“Frankly I don’t see the DPRK regime through any different lens than I see China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia – even Singapore at times – authoritarian regimes all of them,” he added.

Maybe Gareth and Dennis Rodman could go into business together, based on their shared appreciation of the beauty of fantastic ?

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