Goff says halving the harassment rate is going backwards

Stuff reports:

The Military Women in the New Zealand Defence Force report said one in 10 women (10.4 per cent) reported they had been harassed, down from 19 per cent four years ago.

“However, women in all services also report higher rates of bullying than men (13.4 per cent v 6.6 per cent), and there has been no improvement over the past six years.”

It’s good the harassment rate has halved, but still of course too high.

Labour defence spokesman said the report confirmed women were “going backwards” in the NZDF

Sigh! A halving of the harrassment rate from what it was when Labour was Government is described by Labour as going backwards.

Of course the opposition should criticise and scrutinise, but there is such a pattern of factual inaccuracy that they just continue to lose credibility.

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