Tamihere sues for $620,000

The Herald reports:

Tamihere is seeking damages of over $620,000 in a suit filed with the High Court on December 23 last year.

The Herald has obtained a copy of Tamihere’s statement of claim and sworn affidavit.

They reveal:

*Tamihere claims had agreed to renew his $10,000-a-month contract for 2014 and he is suing for the full amount after the contract was not renewed following the scandal.

That’s $120,000. Where does the other $500,000 come from?

*Tamihere alleges MediaWorks also failed to publish the findings of an internal complaints review process that found Jackson and Tamihere’s interview with “Amy” had not breached any broadcasting standards.

*Tamihere claims the effect was to allow the public to think Tamihere had been fired for misconduct over his role in the interview but that Jackson had done nothing wrong. Tamihere’s defamation claim is for $500,000 in damages plus costs.

Oh, it’s a defamation suit – not an employment dispute. That will be interesting.

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