The socialist paradise of Venezuela turns off the Internet

Slashgear reports:

Don’t expect one whole heck of a lot of tweets coming out of in the immediate future as President Nicolas Maduro’s government has shut down the internet and select TV channels. Having shut down Twitter access for the area this past week, Venezuela’s state-run ISP CANTV has been cut in areas such as San Cristobal. This area is a regional capital in the west of the country and CANTV controls the vast majority of internet connectivity in the area.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation made note that Venezuelans working with several different ISPs lost all connectivity on Thursday of this past week. Users lost connectivity to the major content delivery network Edgecast and the IP address which provides access to Twitter’s image hosting service while another block stopped Venezuelan access to the text-based site Pastebin.

Madura won the presidential election as the Socialist Party candidate. His initiatives have included (am not making this up) a “Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness”. I guess he doesn’t see a role for Internet access in happiness.

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