The defence of the Mana Dotcom deal

is Hone Harawira’s press secretary. He has facebooked:

Ok so we would be helping a fat white rich prick with a bunch of money, but it would obviously help MANA to! I’m not picking a side, just wanna be clear! The parties would not merge, we would share a list, and guaranteed MANA would have the top spots to start! If we did it, the difference could be 2 or 3 MANA MPs, and we remain our own party! It’s not all doom and gloom ! Could be the difference of having say John Minto and Te Hamua Shane Nikora in the House! Didn’t mention Annette Sykes cause she will already be there  Doesn’t sound that bad when you look at it like that aye?

His commenters are less keen:

  •  I have a lot of respect for Hone and the . That would vanish instantly if this loony idea came to fruition. It’s also not really keeping within the spirit of MMP.
  • Mana will come off as looking very desperate. Sad really.
  • You have got to be kidding!
  • It sounds bad to me.
  • Dont do it… please hes another john keys but worse… hmble your guys self and partner up wif maori you go to dotcom im out sori bt ur party would b his bitch seen it to many times.. better to lose honourably than to win disgracefully

Will Hone listen to the activists or his chief blogging advisor?

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