Telecom goes uncapped

Stuff reports:

Telecom has launched a range of “unlimited” broadband plans which do away with monthly data caps.

The plans start from $109 a month on copper-based ADSL and entry-level fibre “ultrafast broadband” services. A $10 discount applies if customers also have an “ultra mobile” plan with the company.

Telecom is also offering uncapped broadband on VDSL copper connections for $119 a month and on 100 megabit-per-second fibre connections for $139 a month.

Retail boss Chris Quin said Telecom might manage traffic from customers who took up the plans, “particularly at peak times”, by prioritising time-sensitive services such as Skype, internet television streaming and online gaming over other services.

This would ensure “the best experience possible for the greatest number of users”, Quin said.

Some smaller internet providers including Slingshot and Orcon also offer uncapped broadband plans, though major rival Vodafone does not.

This is a very welcome move. Having the largest ISP offer some uncapped plans should see many other ISPs do the same. Good to see Telecom taking the initiative – as they also did with mobile roaming rates.

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