More Tamaki Makaurau manoeuvres

The Herald reports:

Labour is considering blocking former TVNZ broadcaster Shane Taurima as a candidate if a TVNZ investigation into his links with the party while working at the state broadcaster is too damaging for him and the party.

I doubt they will. They seem desperate to do whatever they can to allow him to stand. But there is a risk for them, as his selection may be seen as a de facto endorsement of his actions while at TVNZ.

However, some on the council are concerned his from TVNZ in March has made him too much of a political risk in the seat Labour hopes to win back from the Party. Taurima is yet to comment publicly on the nomination. If he was blocked, it could clear the way for Maori TV broadcaster Julian Wilcox to run.

Labour sources told the Herald Wilcox had talked to the party, but because of the risk to his career he had refused to stand unless Taurima withdrew and Wilcox was a certainty to win it.

Wilcox would also require the waiver – sources said he joined the party last November but stopped his membership four months later after Taurima ran into trouble.

So we have confirmed that Wilcox is or was a paid up member and wants to stand for Labour as an MP. Now I’m a big fan of his work on Native Affairs, but it does create a real conflict for TV – that their head of news and current is or was a member who wishes to be a Labour Party MP.

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