Parliament Today 14 May 2014

Questions for Oral Answer.

Questions to Ministers 2.00PM-3.00PM.

  1. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his Government’s policies?
  2. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Prime Minister: Has his Government delivered on his expectation of a “more equal society” and as a result is “every one of our children getting the very best start to life”?
  3. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Finance: How will the Budget tomorrow support a growing economy, including jobs, higher wages, and delivery of better public services?
  4. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Will Budget 2014 continue the trend of widening inequality between the wealthy and poorer areas of New Zealand, as shown by the University of Otago 2013 index of deprivation?
  5. Hon PHIL HEATLEY to the Minister for Social Development:What recent announcement has the Government made about funding for sexual violence services?
  6. Hon Dr PITA SHARPLES to the Minister of Energy and Resources: How many homes have been insulated as a result of the Relationship Accords signed with the Māori Party in 2008 and 2011, and of these, how many were in low income households?
  7. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: Will the total allocated funding for Vote Health in Budget 2014 be sufficient to keep pace with population growth, ageing, and increased costs?
  8. ANDREW WILLIAMS to the Minister of Finance: Will the 2014 Budget contain specific measures to improve tighter rules on foreign ownership of New Zealand land, businesses and other New Zealand-owned assets; if not, why not?
  9. Dr JIAN YANG to the Minister of Health: What is the Government doing to increase awareness of prostate cancer?
  10. JACINDA ARDERN to the Minister of Finance: Does he believe families with newborn babies are currently receiving adequate support via Government-funded tax credits and paid parental leave?
  11. CLAUDETTE HAUITI to the Minister of Statistics: What reports has she received on how the 2013 Census data will help shape communities and inform decision making?
  12. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: Does he stand by his statement that collecting the data on offshore ownership of houses “would be a waste of public money”; if so, what would the cost be?

Today Labour are asking about the government’s record in creating a better society,  inequality, health spending, paid parental leave and home ownership. The Greens are asking whether the government stands by all its policies.  New Zealand First are asking about foreign ownership of New Zealand businesses and property.

Patsy question of the day goes to Claudette Hauiti for Question 11: What reports has she received on how the 2013 Census data will help shape communities and inform decision making?

General Debate 3.00PM-4.00PM

A debate consisting of 12 speeches of no more than 5 minutes in duration. Informative and entertaining.

Government Bills 4.00PM-6.00PM and 7.30PM-10.00PM.

1. Food Bill –  Committee Stage

2. Vulnerable Children Bill – Committee Stage

3. Veterans’ Support Bill – Committee Stage

The Food Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister for Food Safety, Nikki Kaye. The bill introduces substantial reforms to the regulatory regime for the safety and suitability of food.

The Vulnerable Children Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister for Social Development, Paula Bennett. This is an omnibus bill that proposes establishing the Vulnerable Children Act and the Child Harm Prevention Orders Act. The purpose of the proposed amendments is to protect and improve the well-being of vulnerable children.

The Veterans’ Support Bill is being guided through the house by the Minister for Veteran’s Affairs, Michael Woodhouse. This bill proposes a new support scheme for veterans of military service that would replace the current scheme prescribed in the War Pensions Act 1954.


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