Selwyn College doing so well it needs a zone

Stuff reports:

Two secondary schools are acting quickly to lighten the load after a period of rapid roll growth.

The of Education has advised Selwyn College and One Tree Hill College to put enrolment schemes in place.

The board of trustees at each school is consulting with the community before submitting the proposed home zone for approval.

Both aim to have the zones up and running for the 2015 school year, with out of zone enrolments closing on September 3.

Selwyn College has never had an enrolment zone.

The school has experienced such a big turn around in achievement and community interest and more control is needed to manage its population size, principal Sheryll Ofner says.

While don’t personally support zoning, it is good to see Selwyn College doing so well, it now needs one.

Selwyn College was praised by Helen Clark in 2006 as a model of what we like to see in our schools. The Pass rate for Level 1 that years was 39%. Anne Tolley sacked the board in 2009 and under new leadership the pass rate is now 93%.

It shows the power and difference great school leadership can make.

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