Voters reject Labour’s class size policy as best use of money

The Herald reports:

New Zealanders would rather money was spent on improving teaching standards than on reducing class sizes, a Herald- survey reveals.

Education has become a political battleground before September’s election, with both major parties promising to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

Asked about their priorities, more than 60 per cent of those polled said they would spend money on trying to improve teaching standards rather than cutting class sizes.

has included reducing class sizes in its election policies.

Another of its policies, a promise to pay which do not ask parents for donations, gained support in the poll.

has pledged $359 million for a scheme that would pay the best teachers and principals more.

countered by promising to use that money to instead hire 2000 more teachers and reduce class sizes.

Asked about those policies, 61 per cent of those polled said the money was better spent on trying to improve teaching standards.

Thirty-five per cent thought it should be used to cut class sizes.

Excellent. Voters understand quality is more important than quantity.

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