Bring back Romana?

Stuff reports:

A former actor says a woman should never fill the role but he’s OK if the time lord’s ethnicity changes.

The fifth doctor, Peter Davison, who has been a public supporter of UK Labour and once voiced an election ad for the party, wants the character to remain male.

“My instinct as a viewer is that the Doctor is a male of the species even on Gallifrey (Dr Who’s home planet) and probably shouldn’t undergo a sex change”, he told a reporter in his Sydney hotel room.

I agree. Doctor Who is a male Gallifreyan. There is a difference between changing appearance and changing gender. Having said that, the Master appears to have changed.

Though Davison doubts a woman in control of the Tardis would be appropriate, he says he’s sure the character will one day be non-Caucasian.

But, the actor to break the mould will have to do so completely on merit, he said.

“Whether or not you have a black or ethnic actor playing Doctor Who is entirely down to the best actor for the role,” he said.

“I don’t think it should just be about `let’s pick a black actor just for the sake of doing it’.”

Now they have got rid of the limit of 12 regenerations, I’m sure there will be one also.

The actor, who was cast in Law and Order UK after his Doctor Who stint, says he’d like female time lords other than the doctor to play a bigger part.

I agree. Time to bring back Romanadvoratrelundar!

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