Life expectancy increases again

Stats NZ reports:

at birth has increased 1.0 years for females and 1.5 years for males since 2005–07, Statistics New Zealand said today. Life expectancy at birth was 83.2 years for females and 79.5 years for males, based on death rates in 2012–14. The gap between male and female life expectancy at birth has narrowed. Females were expected to live 4.0 years longer than males in 2005–07, but are now expected to live 3.7 years longer.

“Life expectancy at birth for all available ethnic groups has increased since 2005–07,” population statistics manager Vina Cullum said. “In particular, the difference between Māori and non-Māori life expectancy has decreased”.

In 2005–07, a non-Māori person was expected to live 8.2 years longer than a Māori person. That gap has now fallen to 7.1 years. Life expectancy at birth is 77.1 years for Māori females, and 73.0 years for Māori males. In comparison, non-Māori females are expected to live to 83.9 years, while non-Māori males are expected to live to 80.3 years.

All positive trends.

They also have life expectancy projections for various specific ages, genders and ethnicity. Some are:

  • Me – 35 more years (82). 1.2% chance I die by 2020.
  • Winston Peters – 12 more years (82). 21% chance he dies by 2020.
  • John Key – 30 more years (83). 2.0% chance he dies by 2020.
  • Andrew Little – 32 more years (82).  1.5% chance he dies by 2020

The good thing is every year you live, your life expectancy gets better (in terms of age reached).

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