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From Curia’s monthly newsletter:

Curia’s Polling Newsletter – Issue 86, June 2015

There was one political voting poll in June – a Roy Morgan.

The average of the public has National 24% ahead of Labour in June, up 3% from May. The current seat projection is centre-right 63 seats, centre-left 48 which would see a National-led Government.

In the United States Donald Trump has shot to 2nd place in the Republican field. Clinton’s approval rating continues to decline, and Obama’s foreign policy approval is also declining.

In the UK David Cameron has positive approval at the start of his second term. Current views on the EU are 51% want the UK to remain, 31% leave and 17% undecided.

In Australia a large fall in approval ratings for Bill Shorten, so he now lags behind Tony Abbott.

In Canada with less than four months to go until the federal election, the NDP have taken a dramatic lead in the polls, and could end up forming the government for the first time since they formed in 1961.

The normal three tables are provided comparing the country direction sentiment, head of government approval and opposition leader approval sentiment for the five countries.

We also carry details of polls on trust in occupations plus the normal business and consumer confidence polls.

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The poll average for the last three years is below.


Bit of a trend for Labour.

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