So sad to see a victim blame herself

The Herald reports:

A woman who was brutally beaten with a cricket bat and strangled while she lay unconscious has told a court her husband’s actions were her fault.

After the attack, the couple’s flatmate said he would call an ambulance but Daljit Singh told him to “let her die”.

The victim, who has name suppression, begged Justice Nicholas Davidson to release her partner of six years Singh so he could rejoin her and their two young children. …

Despite the severity of the assault, which took place nearly a year ago at their Sandringham home, the woman told the High Court at Auckland she would not have reported the incident to the police.

“The children often ask why they cannot talk to their father and I can’t bring myself to tell them he’s in prison …

for something I played a part in, at least that’s how I feel,” she said.

“I can’t throw away six years of marriage over one mistake.”

But Justice Davidson jailed Singh for three and a half years on charges of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault with a weapon and threatening to kill.

So sad to see a victim blaming herself. She has no culpability at all. It sounds like she is lucky to be alive, and perhaps in time will realise a husband who will almost kill her, may also be a father who could kill hsi kids.

Defence counsel Martin Hislop accepted it was inevitable his client would be deported to India once a third of the sentence had been served.

Good – we are better off without him.

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