So what does Donald Trump believe?

The Washington Post has an article detailing the different positions of on various issues. Now these are not different positions over a couple of decades, or even a couple of years. These are different positions over just a couple of months.

They find:

  • 7 different positions on how to defeat the Islamic State
  • 6 different positions on illegal immigration
  • 6 different positions on tax reform
  • 2 different positions on the Iran deal
  • 4 different positions on Obamacare

So that’s just in the last couple of months.

Further back, and you will find he changed sides on almost all the big issues in the US.

He was a registered Democrat back in 2001.

In 1999 he was fully pro-choice for abortion. He swapped to pro-life in 2011.

In 1999 he promoted a one off extra tax of 14% of wealth to pay off the national debt.

Went from anti-drugs to advocating in 2011 they should be legalised.

In 2008 was pro free trade and in 2015 advocated for an import tax of 35%.

Was for an assault weapon ban in 2000 but now against gun control

Called for universal healthcare in 2000, now against Obamacare

Those who support Trump because they think he is conservative might get a nasty shock if he ever achieved elective office.

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