Does WCC have more PR staff than London?

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WCC Watch’s insiders reliably inform us the Council employs over 40 people at Wakefield Street as part of its press and marketing operation – the figure of 43 is understood to be accurate. …

Britain’s capital has two tiers of government, much like metropolitan Wellington. Mayor Boris Johnson leads the Greater London Authority (GLA), which is the top tier. The GLA oversees transport, fire, planning and housing for 8.5 million residents of Europe’s fastest growing city.

Putting in new underground lines and housing an extra 1.5 million people in 15 years are huge challenges, but our man in the GLA (he’s one of Boris’s key lieutenants) says the GLA’s external comms team is no larger than 35.

So a Council with 8.5 million people has fewer PR staffers than Wellington City Council with 200,000 people.

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