Facebook unfriending is workplace bullying!

ABC reports:

The Fair Work Commission has found that a Tasmanian woman was bullied by a work colleague who unfriended her on after a confrontation in the workplace.

It is part of a wider bullying claim that also allegedly involved hostile behaviour and inappropriate comments.

Rachael Roberts, a Launceston real estate agent, complained to the commission that she was bullied by her colleague Lisa Bird, leaving her with depression and anxiety.

The Facebook incident took place in January this year, after Ms Bird allegedly called Ms Roberts a “naughty little schoolgirl running to the teacher” during an aggressive meeting in the tea room.

Ms Roberts told the commission she left the office crying and when she later checked Facebook to see if Ms Bird has commented on Facebook about the incident, she found that Ms Bird had deleted her as a Facebook friend.

Fair Work Commission deputy president Nicole Wells said in her decision that the unfriending was unreasonable behaviour

If I was Australian, I’d like to unfriend the Fair Work Commission.

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