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The Herald reports:

A new biography claims Britain’s Prime Minister once put a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth.

According to the Daily Mail Mr Cameron carried out the act as a student at Oxford University during a bizarre initiation ritual.

A distinguished Oxford contemporary claims Mr Cameron took part in the ritual during an event organised by the Piers Gaveston Society, a dining club at Oxford.

The source, who himself is now an MP, first made the allegation in June 2014 and has since repeated them. He even claims photographic evidence of the alleged act exists.

A private part? His toe?

Won’t be a fun day to be the PM’s Press Secretary – or the PM.

Having said all that, I’m very skeptical of claims by anonymous sources, especially claims of photographic evidence. If there was evidence, I’m almost certain it would have emerged years ago.

In the 1990s a number of NZ publications alluded to a claimed encounter between a NZ MP and a rent boy. I heard dozens of times that there were photos of video footage from an alley way. But you know what – there wasn’t. They never emerged, and it was just a smear job with no substance.

Unless someone is willing to go on the record as a first hand witness, then I think it is just a load of trotters.

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