Tenure of post WWII Australian PMs

Fascinating to look at the length of tenure of Australian PM since WWII:

  1. Robert Menzies 16 years (retired)
  2. Harold Holt 2 years (died)
  3. John Gorton 3 years (rolled)
  4. Billy McMahon 2 years (defeated)
  5. Gough Whitlam 3 years (defeated/sacked)
  6. Malcolm Fraser 8 years (defeated)
  7. Bob Hawke 9 years (rolled)
  8. Paul Keating 4 years (defeated)
  9. John Howard 12 years (defeated)
  10. Kevin Rudd 2.5 years (rolled)
  11. Julia Gillard 3 years (rolled)
  12. Kevin Rudd 0.25 years (defeated)
  13. Tony Abbott 2 years (rolled)

So you had the Menzies era, then a series of short-term PMs. Then from Fraser to Howard you have huge stability, and since Howard no Prime Minister elected at one election has survived until the next!

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