Parliament 4 November 2015

The order paper is here.

Oral Questions 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

  1. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his Government’s policies?
  2. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Why did he say in July last year that “We think unemployment will be down to 4.5 percent in the very foreseeable future”?
  3. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: How is the Government’s programme to improve housing supply supporting a growing economy and macroeconomic stability?
  4. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her reported statement that student achievement would “absolutely” be a factor in a review of the school funding system?
  5. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Conservation:Does she stand by all her statements made in the House yesterday in answer to Oral Question No 12; if so, why?
  6. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Education: Does she agree with Massey University education professor John O’Neill that students’ home background, including factors like transience, dysfunction and a lack of resources were responsible for up to 80 percent of a child’s school success?
  7. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Trade: What recent steps has the Government taken to further New Zealand’s trading relationship with Europe?
  8. IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety: Is he satisfied that the Employment Standards Legislation Bill will end zero-hour contracts?
  9. STUART SMITH to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs: What steps is the Government taking to promote and protect the reputation of New Zealand wine?
  10. MEKA WHAITIRI to the Minister for the Environment: Does he stand by his statement that the Land and Water Forum represents a “very constructive process”; if so, can he explain why Fish and Game felt compelled to resign due to restrictions on their ability to speak out?
  11. SIMON O’CONNOR to the Minister of Transport: What recent progress has been made on the Government’s commitment to build the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive urban cycleway in Auckland?
  12. DARROCH BALL to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by all her statements; if so, why?

National: Four questions on housing supply, trade with Europe, NZ wine and Auckalnd cycelways

Labour: Four questions on unemployment, school funding, zero hour contract and the Land and Water forum

Greens: Two questions on PM standing by policies and education

NZ First: Two questions on Conservation and MSD Ministers standing by statements

General Debate 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm


12 speeches of up to five minutes for a maximum of an hour.

Government Bills 4.00 pm to 5.45 pm

Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill – third reading

The third reading has 12 speeches of up to 10 minutes, so a maximum debate of two hours.

Maiden Speech 5.45 pm to 6.00 pm

New Green Party List MP Marama Davidson will give her maiden speech at 5.45 pm

Note there is no evening session today due to the Royal Tour.