The bathrobed PM

Stuff reports:

A group of Australian journalists can perhaps understand why Barack Obama yesterday asked Malcolm Turnbull if Australians “talk to the New Zealanders”.

There aren’t many world leaders who’d be confident enough to walk through a crowded hotel lobby in a bathrobe.

But most world leaders are not .

Key, who’s been in Manila for the annual APEC summit, was spotted by some Aussie journalists gadding through the lobby of the opulent Peninsula Hotel on Wednesday night, barefoot and clad in nothing else but a bathrobe.

I presume there were togs underneath!

“It takes a special breed of world leader who’s happy to walk across the crowded lobby of a five-star hotel in a terry-towelling bathrobe,” wrote an impressed political editor from The West Australian.

Asked about it by New Zealand journalists, Key initially tried to pin it on a case of mistaken identity.

“I don’t know what was going through Malcolm Turnbull’s mind,” he said.


Key commented that it wouldn’t be a world leader who’d do such a thing, rather a “junior world leader”.

He said he was on his way back from a swim in the pool.

Don’t see what the fuss was about.

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