Surprise: Vegans don’t like dairy farming

Stuff reports:

An “anti-farming” animal rights charity is “applying human emotions on to animals” with their global anti-cruelty campaign, a dairy farmer says.

Federated Farmers Manawatu-Rangitikei president and dairy farmer James Stewart said he was disgusted by the recently released video of abuse to bobby calves, but said the practice of separating a calf from its mother, highlighted in the international ad, is simply the reality of dairy farming.


are a New Zealand-based animal rights charity. 

Prime Minister John Key sad the ad was “a form of economic sabotage.”

“If you were to take an ad in New Zealand at least you could make the case you’re trying to influence other law makers and the New Zealand public. To take an ad in an international paper – what end is that other than to try and stop consumers buying our products?” he said. 

Also yep.

Farmer Stewart said the industry needed to stamp out the abuse seen in the video, but defended the practice of removing calves from their mothers at birth as a global standard.

“It’s mainly the male calves. Obviously on dairy farms it’s the female calves you are mainly interested in, to breed as replacement calves. We have no need to rear bull calves,” he said.

“What seems like a cruel practice is a reality of dairy farming. I’m sorry but that’s what we have to do.”

“[SAFE] are all about problems but there’s no solutions. Their solution is stop farming animals. That’s all well and good but it’s not what the market wants.”

“They’re imposing their veganist views on us all.”

That gets to it. SAFE doesn’t want any farming at all.

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