Censor wants more powers

Stuff reports:

The deputy chief censor wants the Government to put more options on the table for regulating online pornography.

In an article for the censor’s website, deputy chief censor Jarred Mullen detailed the harm that increasingly extreme pornography that can cause, and outlined some possible steps towards regulating it.

These steps could include an ISP level ban, where pornography viewers have to “opt in” to viewing pornographic content, similar to that of the United Kingdom’s.

Internet users can choose for themselves what they wish to see, and what ISP they use. Some ISPs offer a filtering service.

The law does not ban pornography. It bans objectionable material which is child images, plus stuff involving etc. The deputy chief censor is calling for a massive expansion of powers so they can block stuff which they think is too “hardcore”.

I hope the Government has more sense.

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