Hate speech on the Radio NZ Checkpoint Facebook page

Whale Oil has blogged comments made on the Radio NZ Checkpoint page about John Key. They have been up there for days, so I can only presume Radio NZ either has allowed them to stay up deliberately or don’t spend any of their $32 million a year of taxpayer funding on moderating or reading the comments on their media pages.

The comments include multiple death threats and use of the c word to one commenter saying “They should have gassed his mother” and others liking and laughing at that.

I’d have sympathy for Radio NZ if the comments were only up for a few minutes or even hours as you can’t pre-vet them. But some have been up for days.

If Helen Clark was still Minister and a taxpayer funded media site had comments like this up about her for several days, I’d imagine there would be mass sackings at the highest level.


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