Hot Wellington

Stuff reports:

is on track for the hottest February on record, and residents are feeling the burn.

Long days and hot nights have seen people struggling to get to sleep, doctors have noticed cases of “nasty” sunburn, and cicadas have appeared in deafening throngs.

Niwa climate scientist Gregor Macara said the spate of hot temperatures this month had been “quite remarkable”. 

“We certainly are well on track for the hottest February on record [since 1927].

“It’s subject to change, but the temperatures are tracking so high it’ll take quite a change to bring those back down. It’s quite exciting.”

The temperatures were remaining hot through the night, too, MetService communications meteorologist Lisa Murray said.

“We’ve had a run of warmer days and quite high overnight minimums, we’re talking up to 19 degrees overnight.

Wellington has been stunning the last few weeks – hot days, no rain, little wind. Wellingtonians have been loving it.

I was having coffee with a mate who works for a multinational oil company. I jokingly suggested to them that their company take out full page ads in the Dom Post claiming credit for the great summer 🙂

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