Neo-nazis still don’t like me

Liam Hehir writes:

I was walking back to the office from lunch and the weirdest thing happened to me. Lost in my thoughts about what an idiot I was for wearing a suit jacket when out and about in February, I looked up to find I had fallen in step with a group of black-jacketed men. 

One of them gave me some brochures setting out who they were and what their ideas were. 

They called themselves the “Right Wing Resistance”. As spelt out in their literature, however, a lot of their views didn’t seem all that right wing.

For example, their pamphlets hit on things like the peril of too much Chinese investment, the pervasive threat of Zionism, Israel’s “holocaust” in Gaza, the perfidious influence of Cameron Slater and National Party pollster and commentator David Farrar in New Zealand politics, the sovereignty-destroying TPPA and, of course, the fact that John Key is a rootless money man whose allegiance is to international finance and not the people of New Zealand.

A few years when Labour were in Government ago the published a list of the 10 worst people in NZ and I was thrilled not only to make it, but be ranked higher than Helen Clark! They even did a nice photo of me with “Juden” photoshopped on my head in red blood.

It has to be said that the overall themes and prose style of their literature shared much more with the anonymous commenters on the Left-wing blog, The Standard than the centre-Right, Kiwiblog. Of course, the more usual economic xenophobia was leavened throughout with heavy dollops of racism, which stands in stark contrast to your garden variety left-liberal – who usually considers racism to be the most grievous sin in the book.

Nevertheless, these guys have clearly not neglected the “socialism” part of national socialism. 

As you would expect, the group was hostile to Muslim immigrants – but they really hate the Jews. However bad Muslims are, the group says that they “do not control the world banks, media, the sick junk that comes from Hollywood, TV or even their own oil”. The international Jewry, on the other hand, is claimed to have been pulling the strings of the New Zealand government since 1874. 

Only since 1874?

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