PCE says electric cars not solar panels

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says:

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has today called for people to take heed of a report showing that help combat climate change, but solar panels do little. 

The report released today by Concept Consulting looks at the impact of both electric cars and solar panels on New Zealand’s carbon footprint. 

“If we are serious about tackling climate change, we must keep crunching the numbers. Sometimes the results will be surprising,” said Dr Jan Wright.

“Electric cars are a ‘no-brainer’. Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles are a big problem and getting worse. Electric cars must be part of our future.”

In contrast, the Concept report shows that solar panels do little to help in New Zealand. In winter the carbon dioxide emissions from generating electricity are at their highest. But solar panels are most effective in summer.

Plus much of our electricity is already from renewable sources, with low carbon emissions.

I’ve just test driven an electric car for a week. Will review separately, but overall have to say very good for getting around the city.

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