Why Bloomberg did not stand

Politico report:

They’d gotten as far as mapping out how Bloomberg would do against Sanders in Vermont, what would happen if no one got an Electoral College majority and the Constitution threw the decision to the House, where each state’s delegation would get one vote.

In a Trump versus Sanders head-to-head, they figured, Bloomberg would ride the centrist lane right up to the White House, getting him elected outright in November.

Yep I’d say Bloomberg could beat Trump and Sanders.

“Clinton-Trump-Bloomberg changed that dynamic,” Wolfson said. “What our data showed was that the high-water mark for us in that scenario was victory in states but not nearly enough to get to 270, but more than enough to throw it into the House of Representatives.”

If the House elects the President they do it by state. Each state caucuses to decide who to support and then vote. Each state has one vote so you need 26 votes to win. The Democrats control 13 delegations, Republican 34 and three are tied,

So if Trump is the Republican nominee, the House would elect him.

This is a point I made when Bloomberg first considered standing.


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