Coughlan says any WCC contribution to runway extension should not be a donation


Mayoral Candidate Jo Coughlan today said when it came to the airport runway extension, she would be weighing up Wellington’s long-term interest not the short-term interests of airlines. And if the city did invest, it would need to be reflected in its ownership stake in the airport, not a donation.  

“I am concerned about Wellington’s long term interest, not the short-term perspective of existing airlines. We need more long-term thinking. And we need to ensure that any investment made by the city is reflected in the city’s shareholding in the airport. It should not be a donation to the airport,“ Ms Coughlan said today.    …

“I am yet to see the business case, but on the face of it, extending the airport has merit. Of course how it gets paid for matters as well. 

In a significant policy announcement Ms Coughlan said: “In my view additional investment put into the airport extension by the city should be reflected in some way in the city’s ownership stake.  There are many ways this could potentially be achieved and I would be open to considering how the city’s investment is not seen merely as a donation,” Coughlan concluded. 

Pleased to see a Mayoral candidate saying any WCC contribution should not just be a donation. If there is to be a contribution beyond the current shareholding, then maybe it can be way of purchase of extra shares, which gives the Council a greater ownership stake.

Coughlan is also saying she wishes to double tunnel the Mt Victoria and The Terrace Tunnels. Both badly needed. We need four lanes from the airport to Levin. Having less than four lanes at any one point, means the entire network will be slowed to that point.



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