Guest Post: Can Trump Beat Clinton? 20 Reasons

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None of us – including seasoned American political pundits – predicted Donald J Trump could win the Republican primary. He was “a joke;” I called him “early primary entertainment.”

But he has been a force of nature; a genuine grass-roots phenomenon that has utterly surprised everyone!  Trump beat one of the strongest Republican primary fields EVER. 17 candidates made of: Senators, Governors, a Bush, establishment figures, a brain surgeon etc.

He beat them; he thrashed them; and he did it early and BEFORE he even reached the 1237! amidst MASSIVE speculation of a contested convention and wonks pouring over the maths of 1237 delegates. It was a clean sweep of a talented field (compare the Democrat field).

Trump cleaned up:  He’s a winner! You’re all FIRED!  Boy if ever anyone lived up to his reality TV persona and the ‘back atcha’ demands of The Apprentice (even Celebrity Apprentice). D J Trump has delivered in gold-plated casino spades!

Even if he loses he will always be a Winner. BIG TIME! The Trumps are now American royalty and listening to Donald Jr well there is a dynasty ala Kennedys, Bushs, Clintons.

I can’t really believe it (although I expected him to win): Trump is Presidential Nominee for the GOP! ??

But Can He Now Beat Clinton?

I think he can and probably will

Trump has shackled his wagon to the tide of anti-Establishment and anti-Federal on both the GOP and Democrat sides and in wider America.  His candidacy is a direct reaction to the eight years of Obama and his appeal will draw from untapped sources. He is essentially anti-political correctness and this has growing support amongst the great silent majority who are voting (and why polls are getting predictions so wrong).

Republican registration is way up. Democrat support is down – this will be telling; Clinton assumes the massive 2008 Black vote that came out in support of Obama. She misunderstands that was an Obama vote not necessarily a Democrat vote.


The Democrats are divided; the Bern is humiliating Clinton’s assumed support base AMONGST HER OWN PARTY;  beating her unexpectedly in several stares. She sits there presumptive purely on the basis of the gerrymandered Super Pack system! Sanders is going to challenge this; and if he loses; then will he do a Ross Perot?  A third party candidate on the Left?  Hello President Trump!

Clinton has baggage: she voted for the Iraq war; Benghazi; she old school; her husband’s issues with women that reflect on her; Trump has no political baggage.

20 Reasons Trump can beat Clinton:

  1. Trump has defied everyone including the polls and will again
  2. He is not that ‘negative’ against women
  3. Clinton has the support of African-Americans but 20% don’t back Clinton and if Trump even wins some of them he’s close to the Presidency
  4. Hispanics want jobs and Trump is talking jobs
  5. Trumps exit poll demographics are widely spread; his appeal goes across the divides of class and gender and socio-economic and even party affiliation
  6. The campaign has not even begun and he will kill Clinton or she will over play negatives against Trump
  7. Clinton’s negatives are entrenched but Trumps are not; he has room to address and remove them or at least neutralise them; her’s are set
  8. Clinton’s negatives are on honesty and integrity – political killer blows
  9. She has a genuine FBI investigation over her (which is why The Bern stays)
  10. Bernie Sanders is still campaigning hard and will hobble her path to victory
  11. Clinton will campaign traditionally; Trump is unorthodox; fresh and doesn’t follow the establishment rule-book – this will disorient Clinton’s campaign
  12. The Left will now come out with HATE HATE HATE against Trump and will over reach and damage their cause against him
  13. Any Islamic terror will play to Trump’s narrative
  14. Any Mexican drug cartels or immigrant crime issues will play to Trump
  15. Trump cleaned up in a three-horse race with over 60% of the vote in some states that suggests he has MASSIVE popular appeal that the Left and pundits have under-estimated.
  16. The intolerant violent Leftist protest movement against Trump and his supporters at his rallies will swing Middle uncommitted America over to Trump
  17. Trump will hire-in a strong shadow Cabinet that will unify the GOP and its nay-saying Establishment.
  18. His pick for VP will be inspired and swing GOP and Independent voters in behind him.
  19. The more his kids and family speak out the more votes he wins (they just look and sound so wholesome and successful and gorgeous and youthful – everything America loves); the Clinton family doesn’t cut such a smily Hollywood persona (especially with Billy Boys history).  Would Lewinsky endorse Trump?  Ouch!
  20. Trump seems strong against Putin; Mexico; the Chinese; ISIS; Europe; and Clinton is “Obama Term III” and regardless of personal politics this is right up there with American voters who will support Trump on that facet alone even if they hate him in others respects. “Make American Great Again” is an inspired campaign slogan with mass appeal.

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