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A pensioner and convicted fraudster who faces to South Africa doesn’t believe he will last “five minutes” if forced back to his homeland.

Wyndham man John William Jackson was served with a deportation notice after stealing more than half a million dollars off a company he held a directorship at, but is appealing the deportation notice on humanitarian grounds. 

He is a convicted criminal. Why would we let him remain?

Jackson, who receives a weekly $300 pension payment in New Zealand, has appealed against deportation on humanitarian grounds based largely on his ill health, with Jackson saying it had worsened in the last 18 months.

He takes multiple tablets on a daily basis for several conditions, has previously had a heart attack, suffers from diabetes, numbness in both feet, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, enlarged prostate and constant pain in his back, and pain in his leg which would remain the rest of his life, he said. 

He also said he smoked between five and 10 cigarettes a day.

If he had to return to South Africa he rated his ability to work as “not very good”, given his medical issues and said he had no finances to take to South Africa.

He did not think he would last “five minutes” if sent back to South Africa.

He should have considered all this before he stole half a million dollars.

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