Game of Thrones Season Seven

Spoilers and speculation follow.

So a damn good season finale, with the female characters shining. So many great moments but my favourite was Arya Stark killing the Freys. Seeing the High Sparrow get incinerated was a close second.

You can see the end game coming with two big battles – the forces of Cersei vs Daenerys or the Starks and the humans vs the white walkers. Possibly there may be a battle between the Stark forces and Team Daenerys, but you have to assume they will combine at some point – especially when they realise Jon is her nephew.

Questions still to be resolved”

  1. Will Jaime kill Cersei? He killed the Mad King to stop him doing what Cersei did.
  2. Will Arya kill Cersei? She is on her list. Also what happens when she meets the Hound again?
  3. Who will kill The Mountain? Will it be the Hound?
  4. Will Catelyn appear?
  5. What will occur between Littlefinger and Sansa? Is there going to be tension between her and Jon to rule Winterfell? Will that be fixed when he is revealed as a Targaryen?
  6. When will it become known publicly he is a Targaryen? When will he find out? Bran’s vision reveals he is the son of Lyanna, but can they confirm the father? And was it rape or love?
  7. What does the future hold for Brienne? Will she have to fight Jaime?
  8. Will Samwell find something useful in the Library? Will his Valyrian sword get some use?
  9. Does Bran become Lord of Winterfell, or what role will he play?
  10. Who else will die
  11. Who, if anyone, will be revealed as the third Targaryen and head of the dragon?
  12. Which Targaryen will actually become Sovereign? Jon Snow has the stronger claim, but Daenerys has the stronger support. Could they marry? She is now single and Targaryens do like to keep it in the family

It is going to be a long ten months!

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