Game of Thrones Season Seven (spoilers)

Don’t read below the line if you have not seen the season finale.

Okay a pretty good season finale with all the major characters meeting in conclave. The scene between Cersei and Tyrion was superb.

So what do we now know, and don’t know.

  • Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This is no surprise, but what we did learn is they were secretly married so he is the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms. How would Daenerys take the news he has a stronger claim to the throne than her, let alone she slept with her nephew.
  • It is highly likely Jon will end up riding Rhaegal, named after his father. But now Viserion is an undead dragon, does that mean there will not be a third Targaryen revealed? If there is, will it be Cersei and Jaime or Tyrion?
  • Now the Night King both has a dragon, and can fairly easily kill their dragons, how do they kill him?
  • Might there be a combat between Jon and the Night King on their respective mounts?
  • They stressed Daenerys can’t have further children. If so, then presumably she can’t marry Jon as they need heirs. Also will she survive? A prophecy suggests not.
  • Who will kill Cersei? Arya? Jaime?
  • Who gets Brienne? Jaime or Tormund?
  • Does Theon rescue Yara? Does he survive? Who rules the Iron Fleet?
  • Who wins Cleganbowl? The Hound or The Mountain?
  • Does Sansa have a happy ending? Do we see Robin Arryn again?
  • Is Bran the Night King?

Sadly we may have two years to wait until the final season. At least we may have Book Six out by then, but not Book Seven.

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