Speculation and spoilers: Game of Thrones

This post contains details of what is rumoured to happen in next week’s Episode 10, so do not read if you want that a surprise.

It is strongly hinted (and a reliable leaker has confirmed on Reddit) that in the final episode of Season 6, Cersei will burn down King’s Landing. Many characters will die including the High Septon and the Queen, and Tommen alsdo either dies or kills himself (it was prophesied she will lose all three children).

If this is correct, it makes me wonder whether or not the third Targaryen isn’t Tyrion, but Cersei and Jaime. The case for Tyrion is here, and got stronger after he talked to the dragons, and revealed he had often dreamt of them.

But consider the case for Cersei and Jaime:

  • Their incest is a Targaryen trait
  • Their blond hair is classic Targaryen
  • It was mad King Aerys II who planned to stop the rebellion by burning down King’s Landing, and his insanity seems to be with his daughter?
  • The interest the King Aerys had in their mother is well known and it is hinted he did something inappropriate on her wedding night to Twyin

Now if this is true, it changes everything. First it means Jaime was not just a Kingslayer, but also killed his father.

It is possible Jaime kills Cersei for what she does, which will make him even more of a kinslayer.

It would also mean that he (or she) is the third head of the prophecy needed to ride a dragon and battle the white walkers.

Now maybe it isn’t exclusive – both Tyrion and Jaime (and Cersei) are Targaryens – as well as Daenerys and Jon. You only need three of them, not four or five. So assuming Cersei dies or is not redeemed, one other may die. One of Tyrion, Jon or Daenerys could die. Hell as this is George Martin, maybe they all die – but hopefully only after they win.

The other interesting thing is whether Westeros will end up with all female rulers. We now have:

  • Daenerys – Queen in exile
  • Yara – ruler of Iron Islands (if she wins)
  • Sansa – Guardian of the North
  • Dorne – now ruled by the women

Anyway looking forward to the final episode of the season, and then a long wait for Season Seven. Maybe we’ll get the next book before then!

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