The haters of freedom of speech

Stuff reports:

A petition to be sent to the demanding be removed from television screens has now clocked up more than 14,000 signatories in just over a week.

Started by lawyer Dan Wayman the petition asks that Mike Hosking “be removed from public broadcasting at TVNZ”

I’m tempted to call these people cultural fascists.

First of all do they really think the bloody should decide who is and is not allowed to appear on television as a broadcaster?

Secondly they seem to hate views they disagree with, and want Hosking gone because he says things they don’t like.

This seems to be a phenomenon that mainly occurs on the left. I don’t recall 14,000 right wingers signing a petition demanding be removed from public broadcasting.

If you don’t like what someone says, then don’t watch. Change the channel.

I think NZ is better when it has of views on air – I think it is good both Hosking and Campbell are broadcasters.

But these cultural fascists hate views that are not their own, and think the should decide who is allowed to be on air. They can get f****d.

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