A theory around Tyrion


Only read this if you have read the books.

Just before Tyrion shoots Tywin, Tywin says “You’re no son of mine”.

Now most people take this as Tywin speaking emotionally – he has always been ashamed of Tyrion and not loved him as

But what if he was speaking literally. Then who is the father of Tyrion? His mother was of course Joanna Lannister. Well she was the rumoured former paramour of Aerys II Targaryen. What if she slept with King Aerys again? He said on the night of her marriage to Tywin that it was a pity the right of the King to a wide’s first night had been abolished. And after Joanna died giving birth to Tyrion, they become totally estranged. So the hints are there that King Aerys may be the actual father of Tyrion. He hated Tyrion not just for being a dwarf but also for being the product of infidelity by his wife (or rape by the King).

So what is Tyrion is a Targaryen? Well it is also speculated that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

The prince that was promised prophecy refers to “The dragon must have three heads” which may mean three Targaryens are needed for three dragons. So Tyrion, Jon Snow and Daenerys may be the three to fill the prophecy – and one of them to be the prince that was promised.

Just a theory, but there are lots of clues in the books to support it.

A competing theory is that Aerys did have sex with Joanna Lannister, but not to conceive Tyrion, but Jaime and Cersei. The support for this theory is the incest between the two of them – that is a classic Targaryen trait. So possibly Jaime is the prince that was promised?

I really hope we get to read how it ends in the books, before the TV series, but this is looking unlikely.

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