Robin Hood Reversed – TU’s report on Labour’s tertiary education policy

The Taxpayers’ Union has had a look at zero-fee university policies in the context of Labour’s tertiary education bribe announcement.  It has released a briefing paper concluding that the implementation of a zero fees policy for would reach into the pockets of the disadvantaged, to line the wallets of the future’s wealthy and finds:

  • Taxpayers already cover 84 percent of the cost of obtaining a tertiary degree.
  • The average household currently pays $2,456 in tax per year to fund tertiary education.
  • Fully implemented, Labour’s proposal would increase that cost by $852.57 per year.
  • Low and middle-income earners will pay more to subsidise tomorrow’s rich.
  • Likely effects of the policy, based on the experience in Scotland with its zero fees policy, include:
    • more job shortages in crucial skills-based areas;
    • lower quality tertiary education;
    • less access to education for students from disadvantaged or low socioeconomic backgrounds; and
    • less social mobility and entrenched income inequality.

You can also download the report as a PDF here (hard copies are available on request for NZTU members).

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