Lord Ashcroft’s EU Exit Poll

Lord Ashcroft blogs the findings of his exit poll of over 12,000 voters. The findings include:

  • 57% of AB (managers, professionals) voted to remain while 64% of C2DE (working class) voted to leave
  • 58% of Conservatives voted to leave, 37% of Labour voters, 30% of SNP voters, and 96% of UKIP voters
  • Over 20% made their mind up in the last week
  • Voters thought leaving the EU would bring a better immigration system, improved border controls, fairer welfare system, better quality of life and the ability to control their own laws
  • 43% of Conservative Leave voters want Boris as Leader. Among Conservative Remain voters 28% want Therese May.
  • 82% of those with no formal education voted to leave while only 36% of those with a higher degree voted to leave
  • Only 48% of those in work voted to leave and 57% of those not in work (retired etc) voted to leave
  • By religion support for leave was Christians 58%, Jewish 54%, Sikh 52%, Buddhist 49%, None 45%, Hindu 30%, Muslim 30%
  • Only 30% thought Leave would win

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