Rates up 5.4% for Wellington households

Stuff reports:

bills across Wellington will increase by an average of 3.6 per cent, after the city council set its budget in stone for the next financial year.

Councillors signed off on the city’s 2016-17 Annual Plan on Wednesday, striking an average rates increase of 5.4 per cent for residential ratepayers and an average 2.7 per cent increase for commercial ratepayers – equating to a hike of 3.6 per cent across the city.

Inflation is at 0.4% so the overall rates hike is nine times the level of inflation and for households the increase is 13 times the level of inflation.

My wish is for all Mayoral and Council candidates to state a maximum level of rates increase they will vote for. I think 2% (the midpoint of the inflation target) is a suitable maximum.

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