Very doubtful a 10c refund would increase recycling

Stuff reports:

Councils have been lobbying the Government for a return to the days of giving cash refunds to people who recycle bottles and cans.  

Bottle refunds are back on the agenda after a push by Palmerston North District Council at last weekend’s Local Government New Zealand conference in Dunedin. 

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith was backed by Auckland Council, and 90 per cent of other councils, in urging the Government to adopt a scheme in which recycled bottles and cans would earn a 10c refund. 

I seriously doubt 10c a bottle would greatly impact behaviour.

The best thing Councils can do is have separate collections for glass. If glass is co-mingled with other products it is only 50% recyclable on average. But glass only is near to 100% recyclable.

If any Council really thinks a 10c refund will change behaviour significantly, why doesn’t one of them trial it and let’s see the impact.

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