Who needs guns – trucks and axes will do

Some people say there will be less terrorism is there is less easy access to guns – especially in the US. While I do support greater gun control restrictions in the US, I don’t think it will make it greatly harder for people to do mass killings. We saw around 80 killed in France with a truck and now 18 injured in Bavaria with an axe.

Stuff reports:

An axe-wielding attacker who went on a rampage on a train in Germany, injuring up to 18 people, was a 17-year-old Afghan youth, authorities say.

The attack occurred in Heidingsfeld in the German state of Bavaria late on Monday (local time), injuring some passengers critically, a police spokesman said.

Eyewitnesses said the youth attempted to run from the scene after the attack, according to reports. It was understood he was shot and killed by police. …

The youth shouted “Allahu Akhbar”- Arabic for “God is great” – before he was shot, two German security officials said.

Bavarian Interior Ministry officials described the attacker as an Afghan national who had arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied refugee.

The officials said it was not yet clear whether the incident was an act of terrorism.

When someone attacks multiple strangers and yells out “Allahu Akhbar”, then pretty safe to say it is an act of terrorism. I doubt there are any two words that are now more terrifying to hear someone yell out aloud.

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